Walker Morris

Waste water management system saves almost 2 million litres of water

Water is an increasingly precious resource and there is increasing pressure to conserve the amount of water we use each day. To help with this, in 2017 law firm Walker Morris installed new waste water management system to significantly reduce the amount of water used by the business.

Even just 14 medium sized cisterns flushing just 3 times per hour were using 2,758,000 litres of water per year. Now with the new system, instead of the cisterns flushing three times per hour they now flush nine times in a 24hr period and also work more effectively.

The result will provide an estimated 87% water savings for the flushing of urinals.  The savings mean that not only does the waste water management system pay for itself in the first year but Walker Morris saves an estimated 2,413,250 litres* of water per annum.

 Walker Morris saves an estimated 2,413,250 litres* of water per annum

That's equivalent to over 30,165 baths!

*Based on estimates provided by Initial Washroom Solutions