The Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury has been put together by Leeds Climate Commission working with Shared Future CIC. It has been tasked with examining the Leeds' response to the emergency of climate change and with producing recommendations that will be used to guide the future work of the Commission and a range of organisations across the city.

The findings, in the form of a report written by the jurors, will also be presented to Leeds City Council’s Climate Emergency Advisory Committee, which can make formal recommendations to the council’s executive.

The citizens' jury commenced on 12 September 2019 and will run for a total of 30 hours over nine sessions, ending on 3 November.

An oversight panel was set up to ensure the process is unbiased and fair. It includes representatives from Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth, Leeds Chamber of Commerce, Leeds City Council, The Madina Town Movement, Our Future Leeds, Project Rome, Racial Justice Network, University of Leeds, Yorkshire Water and Youth Strike for Climate.

The panel made decisions about the recruitment process and the jury profile; it also selects expert commentators who will give presentations to the jury and answer questions from them.

Professional facilitators from Shared Future, which has run previous Citizens’ Juries across the UK, will support the jurors throughout the process.

Jurors are being asked to consider the question: “What should Leeds do about the emergency of climate change?”

Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency on 27 March, along with a commitment to work to make Leeds carbon neutral by 2030. The Citizens’ Jury is part of the response to this and is being held and financed by Leeds Climate Commission, an independent advisory group with members from key organisations and businesses in Leeds that are working together to help Leeds take action on climate change.

Find out more about the recruitment process and check out our Frequently Asked Questions in the pages below.

Charting progress

Session plans for the nine sessions  will be made available in this section of the website, along with the filmed presentations of the expert commentators.