Leeds Climate Commission publishes an annual report and periodic special reports on different aspects of energy, carbon, weather and climate relevant to Leeds.

A special report - The Economics of Low Carbon Cities: A Mini-Stern Review for the City of Leeds (2017), which updates the original (2012) Mini-Stern Review for Leeds, is available to download below. The report explores the economic case for investment in energy efficiency and low carbon development and the prospects for Leeds meeting its targets on carbon reduction.

In April 2019 we added our Leed Carbon Roadmap report, which presents pathways for Leeds to be reach zero carbon by 2050 and, potentially, earlier (2030). See link to report in the downloads and on the Leeds Carbon Roadmap page below.

Position papers

We are producing a series of evidence-based position papers tackling issues especially relevant to Leeds. Those published to date are:

  • Position Paper 1: Hydrogen Conversion: Potential Contribution to a Low Carbon Future for Leeds  
  • Position Paper 2: Expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport and Incorporating Aviation into the Leeds Carbon Roadmap 

See the pages below, and access the papers directly from the downloads.