Position Paper 2

Expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport and Incorporating Aviation into the Leeds Carbon Roadmap

Released 18 December 2019


The Leeds Climate Commission has produced this position paper as a constructive contribution to inform decision making in the city.

The Leeds Climate Commission was established in 2017 to help Leeds to make positive choices on issues relating to energy, carbon, weather and climate. It brings together key organisations and actors from across the city and from the public, private and third sectors.

Leeds Climate Commission members have contributed to this paper, but the views expressed in this position paper cannot be attributed to any single member of the Commission and the Leeds Climate Commission takes responsibility for all views expressed.

Leeds Climate Commission has committed to be guided in its activities by the results of the Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury. This position paper forms part of the Commission’s response to the Jury’s recommendations by providing evidence on the significance of aviation emissions for the carbon footprint of the city.

Leeds Climate Commission is part of the ESRC Place-Based Climate Action Network, an initiative designed to support the development of climate commissions and climate action plans in UK local authorities.

The position paper is in the downloads below.

Image: Leeds Bradford Airport