Leeds takes the spotlight in climate podcast

2nd July, 2021 - 12:34


The pioneering work of Leeds Climate Commission has been featured in a new climate podcast run by the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN).

The PCAN Podcast, which launched in March this year, shines the spotlight on the wave of climate action that is building across the UK.

The series focuses on the work of climate commissions, which Leeds was the first to create in the country. Commissions allow organisations, researchers, environmental groups and businesses to join forces with local councils to tackle the climate crisis where they live, by establishing independent advisory bodies.

In episode three of the PCAN Podcast the focus is on climate action in Leeds. It features Chair of Leeds Climate Commission, Professor Andy Gouldson from the University of Leeds, and Commissioner Polly Cook, from Leeds City Council.

Andy explains how he set up Leeds Climate Commission in 2017, in close partnership with Leeds City Council. The Leeds Commission has led to the formation of ten other climate commissions around the UK, through the PCAN project.

Andy and Polly have also been instrumental in setting up one of the newest commissions, and the largest one yet – Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.

The podcast is hosted by Professor John Barry, from Queen’s University Belfast, and Kate Lock, from the University of Leeds. John is a Co-Investigator on the PCAN project and Kate is Communications and Engagement Manager for Leeds Climate Commission and PCAN.

Episode three of the PCAN Podcast is available on the podcast website, as well as on a large range of podcasting apps – search for ‘PCAN Podcast’.