There are lots of ways you can get involved in the Big Leeds Climate Conversation. The most important way is, of course, to talk about climate change with your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and community, which is something we can all do. 

But here in Leeds, we want to do something even bigger.  Leeds City Council has declared a Climate Emergency, with an ambitious target of working towards being carbon neutral by 2030. We are holding a city-wide conversation about this, and all that it entails for people living and working in Leeds, as well as businesses and organisations.

Leeds Climate Commission is working with the Council to deliver this massive public engagement, which launches on 16 July and runs until 31 October 2019. The results will be shared in a report to Leeds City Council executive and inform an action plan for the city.

We want to hear from you - so read on to find out how you can get involved. 

Do the survey

What do you know about climate change – and what actions are you prepared to take? What actions should Leeds take to get to zero carbon? Leeds City Council has an online survey, which takes around 15 minutes to do. Take the survey here and share the link:

Measure your footprint

Do you know what your environmental footprint is? The average footprint for a UK resident is 13.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually - but yours may be higher or lower depending on the way you live. Test your footprint and find out ways in which you can reduce your impact with simple and easy to use WWF Footprint Calculator, which gives you instant results and recommendations.

Leeds City Council and Leeds Climate Commission have partnered with WWF to better understand the city’s carbon footprint as part of the Big Leeds Climate Conversation. Leeds City Council will receive anonymous, district-level data to improve our understanding and inform our plan for Leeds to become a carbon neutral city.

Become a climate champion

Enjoy talking to people? Want to do more to take practical action on climate change? Be a Leeds Climate Champion! You don't need to be a climate expert, just keen to learn ... and be up for sharing your experiences with others! Training will be given (dates to be announced). There's all sorts of ways you can be a climate champion,  from helping to reduce energy use in the workplace or home,or helping out at a stall at a range of Leeds events, from Light Night to Breeze and many more (see the full list).

Find out more here,  or email us to volunteer.

Get social!

Social media is a great way to engage - not only for asking questions and sharing opinions, but also for getting really involved with issues.

Take part in the conversation and share your views using  #BigLeedsClimateConversation - and make sure to follow @LeedsClimateCom 

Make a video

A new YouTube channel called The Big Leeds Climate Conversation has been launched by friends of ours at Leeds Digital Drinks. Watch, comment on and share the video diaries - and we'd love it if you could make your own! All you need is your phone and there are some simple questions to guide you. Follow the channel here.

Watch the launch 

Leeds Climate Commission is livestreaming the launch event of the Big Leeds Climate Conversation. This will be available to view afterwards, and we'll also be editing it into shorter films for you to watch, which will be posted on The Big Leeds Climate Conversation YouTube channel. See photos of the launch event below.

Go online

Find out what Leeds City Council doing on climate change: 

Read our report

The Leeds Climate Commission has produced a groundbreaking 'carbon roadmap' for Leeds, which shows what the city needs to do to reach the government's target of net zero by 2050 - and how Leeds could potentially reach the Council's ambitious 2030 target. Read the report

Start talking!

Climate change can be a tough subject to talk about. Last year we teamed up with YouTuber ClimateAdam to make this fun and informative film to help you get started, which we showed on the big screen in Leeds' Millennium Square. Check it out here.

There's a more formal short video on the benefits of climate action made by the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment here.

Main image: Laura Evans, Nifty Fox Creative; photos: Simon Lewis, Simon & Simon Photography