The Engagement and Communication Working Group is responsible for overseeing the process of providing guidance on authoritative and influential city wide communication material on climate change in the city.

It is not intended for this Working Group to devise or produce climate change related communication material. Rather its purpose is to provide guidance on what constitutes best practice for climate change related communications so that organisations in the city are encouraged to devise appropriate communication programmes accordingly.



There is no current city-wide consistency regarding campaigns around the component parts of sustainable development/environment policy. Existing materials illustrate:-

• An absence of any cohesiveness between individual programmes

• No consistent branding or messaging

• Inconsistent design or style

• No interconnectedness or co-ordination between programmes

• A lack of clear priorities

• Repetition between campaigns indicating potential inefficiency and leading to possible confusion

• No clear link to other city priorities (e.g. Best City, Child Friendly City)

• No clear links to a website for further information



Members of the Working Group will be expected to oversee the process of assembling guidance and good evidence-based practice on climate change communication appropriate for a range of stakeholders. Members of the Working Group should have experience of project oversight and a familiarity with programmes using a variety of communication media and supporting evidence would be an advantage.



For progress on working groups, see the notes in the Strategy Group downloads.